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Project URS is a collection of 10,000 post-apocalyptic exploration robots existing as 3-D NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each one tells a different story about what they’ve found in the wasteland, but to share their research they require humans as partners. They need you. Teaming with an Underground Robogenetic Survivalist (URS) comes with amazing perks. Airdrop Alpha will insert a companion to travel with you. Airdrop Bravo will come later, with additional supplies. A Charlie drop is hinted in the road map… Holders of the sacred URS Mint Pass will also receive additional benefits and upgrades in the URS universe, though its benefits are a closely held secret. Finally, there are plans for a game set in the URS world, there will be a second sale featuring “Enemies of the URS,” the robots might have hacked their way into the metaverse, and there is an unverified rumor they do have bottom halves. THEPROJECTURS.COM Prepare for another beginning at the end of the world.

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