Cat Bricks Clubhouse

Cat Bricks Clubhouse


9,905 Circulating Supply

2.5% Royalty

Cat Bricks Clubhouse aims to pioneer the growing Web3 and NFT space through means of providing unique utility such as the ability to buy land in our P2E game Cat Bricks Crossing. Cat Bricks Crossing aims to compete with extensive land-based games such as Sandbox and Decentraland serving as an even more creative take on the player-driven element of these games, wherein Cat Brick holders will not only have the ability to build on the land they acquire but also help design traits and pieces, in-game, for future collections. Cat Bricks Clubhouse puts the community first making sure that all holders are guaranteed benefits and are a part of a community which they will be pleased with. Whether it be playing as their NFT in the game created by the project itself, or being a part of the Cat Bricks Carnival where they will be able to enter competitions and giveaways and cross-pollinate with other well-known communities, Cat Bricks Clubhouse has something for the entire spectrum of NFT consumers.

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