Lore (for Adventurers)

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Loot Lore (for Adventurers) is now live and FREE TO CLAIM FOR LOOT HOLDERS! Jobs have a chance to be Unskilled, Neophytes, Journeymen, Expert or Master tier jobs. You can roll a 1 on religion and get cursed by your god, or just be a normal follower. If lucky you will be Blessed, Chosen or even elevated to the right hand of your god. Your race can be classified as Undesirable, Citizen, Renown, Noble or Royalty. The adventuring world is rough, most people end up as refugees living in Realms that aren't their own. But some adventurers have risen to the Serf, Citizenship, Nobility or even Royalty. Certain Realms as Origin City for your Token ID (chosen from 5% of existing minted realm names). Origin Story. Race. Profession. Alignment (Chosen from the 9 alignments). Age (10 - 109). Pantheon (Chosen from lore-friendly DnD pantheons). Gods / Divinity.

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