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This Collection is Hot as Hell! 🔥 SympathyForTheDevils is a Collection of 6666 unique, randomly generated Devils living in NFT-Hell of the Ethereum Blockchain. One of the first NFT Projects that pays real Passive Income to it's Holders, by distributing 3% of all secondary sales & all Profits from Community Collection Sales, where we buy real OG NFTs like Punks, Apes & Cats, etc and flip them. Holders can vote to accept incoming Offers or to HODL further. A Devil grants you Access to a lot of exclusive Membership Benefits, as well as a share of that passive Income.

Always DYOR and confirm OpenSea projects are legit. OpenSea tends to change slugs frequently after initial launches. If the link looks wrong, queue a metadata refresh.

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Unlock Premium starting at just 0.03 to see mints and sales logs for any collections.