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Mr Crypto is a collection of 10,000 UNIQUE NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Pre-Sale: Oct 10th, 3 pm CET to 4 pm CET at 0.06 eth Sale: Oct 10th, 6 pm CET at 0.08 eth Mint: Each Mr Crypto is Randomly generated from over 150 traits. Mr Crypto was an introvert guy. College mates laughed about him because he wasn't selected in the american football team. His only passions were comics, games and technology. The new P2P technology blew him away so he quit his Job in 2010 to invest in Bitcoin. He took many other Jobs even at night to buy even more Bitcoin. All his Family and friends always told him it was a bubble. In 2012 he was selected as director of his job so he also invested this extra money in BTC. In 2015 he won the third price of a lottery and he invested all the gain to grow his position in BTC. Only with that dedication he is the richest BTC-Holder alive Today. The rest is history.

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