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Flowtys are 10k unique characters animated at 12 frames per second. All animation frames were carefully drawn by hand. Learn more about the concept and branding at The longer you hodl it in your wallet, the older it gets. The Flowtys concept looks back an entire century. Simpler times when all art and media was still analogue. In contrast to todays’ digital media, analogue movie reels were strongly affected by time. This inspired us to create Flowtys, utilizing the unique opportunity blockchain tech provides to alter the artwork over time. Hence trading a Flowty in time keeps them young forever. Flowtys NFT owners have full commercial rights PLUS a Owning a Flowty is owning the Golden Ticket into the community. You also get access to the 1920s PD cartoons cinema and to future airdrops, projects & channels depending on your Flowtys age.

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