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Pigskin Apes is a fun and exciting new project that brings our three great loves of the world together – Apes, Fantasy Football and NFTs! Pigskin Apes are 9600 unique digital ERC-721 tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain. We have launched 3 full sets of players – each set is made up of players numbered from 0-99 for all 32 NFL teams, for a total of 3200 players per set, and 9600 in total. Not only are your apes a great way to show support for your favorite NFL team, they can also help you earn some pretty large ETH prizes in our weekly and season long fantasy games!

Always DYOR and confirm OpenSea projects are legit. OpenSea tends to change slugs frequently after initial launches. If the link looks wrong, queue a metadata refresh.

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Unlock Premium starting at just 0.03 to see mints and sales logs for any collections.