Primate Social Society

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The Primate Social Society is a sophisticated collection of Ape avatars. Inspired by our Degenerate brothers and sisters in the Defi Space over at ApeSwap. Our beautiful ApeQueen has hand-drawn hundreds of layers (2-4 hours a piece) and is programmatically assembling them into the final Ape. This is a limited-edition collection that will cap at 10k. The Primate Social Society Apes will be used in conjunction with their best friends (Gorillas, Baby Apes and Kitten NFT's will be available for free mint to holders at respective roadmap milestones) to be used for the upcoming Primate Social Society CryptoRPG. There will also be exclusive offers like exclusive merch shop and events to owners of The Primate Social Society NFTs. We plan to integrate Primate Social Society into the inevitable metaverses and will be partnering with other GameFi projects to bring your ape into their games as PFP and exclusive perks.

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