Speculations by Sarah Meyohas

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1. All scenes from this series are captured in-camera. No editing, besides minor color correction. 2. This series of photographs is ongoing. After all, these images literally never end! The analogy that created the endless loop: reflection is a metaphor for value. Value is created through replacement. In an exchange, one is in the place of the other. The light is caught bouncing between mirrors in an endless exchange — a specular relation. This series was initially conceived for BitchCoin, a cryptocurrency as an artwork that playfully constructed value. The coin needed to be backed by a photograph, and this photograph needed to create value visually, deliberately, and perhaps with an illusory expansion of space to reference “mining” and the idea of gold. And while the themes of infinity, reflection, and illusion are conceptually vast, it is also the the act of photographing — to look at a mirror and instead of seeing myself, seeing a void — that is metaphysical.

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