Trash Panda Society NFT

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10,000 Random Generated Trash Pandas (let's clear the air though, we're raccoons, not pandas). Our Early Adopters launch goes live TODAY at 2:00 PM CST. If you mint a Trash Panda, we will airdrop you one for free! FIVE random mints will contain a golden egg on the image. If you are one of the lucky golden egg winners, we will send you 1 ETH! Yes, that's over $3,000 as of writing this post just for minting! We want there to be more than trying to collect the rarest attributes on a PFP project so we want to incentive everyone involved in the project just a little more! FUTURE UTILITY: We don't have a lot of details to share as this is a work-in-progress but we are planning on rolling out a token system that passively pays out holders of our project. We want to make a liquidity pool and a reward system that can be used on our website for merch, other drops, or any currency-related transaction. If you don't want them then you can cash out into Ethereum or other crypto coins.

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