Skvllpvnkz Hideout

Skvllpvnkz Hideout

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Skvllpvnk avatars are 10,000 automatically generated characters from more than 200 hand drawn layers delicately stitched together. The Skvllpvnkz 10K project is backed by a 1/1 art project, story and lore running for the past 4+ months. Built by a grassroots community by a dedicated team with amazing art concepts and incredible utility. The collection will be featuring 5 rare collaboration versions, out of the 10,000, by established and upcoming artists! All 5 pieces will be auctioned to raise money for a range of charities. Mint or participate in scavenger hunts to discover the 5 unique lore characters among the 10,000.

Always DYOR and confirm OpenSea projects are legit. OpenSea tends to change slugs frequently after initial launches. If the link looks wrong, queue a metadata refresh.

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