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Join the Knights of Degen, a collection of 8,888 NFT degenerate gamblers that spend their days in the Degen Tavern sports bar wagering on anything and everything. ## Mint Passes grant you exclusive early access to a Knight NFT! ### What do I get with my Knights of Degen “Mint Ticket”? - Each Mint Ticket is redeemable for 1 “Knight NFT”. - Each Mint Ticket provides entry into our “Week 1 High Total Points Game” contest (snapshot taken Tuesday 9/14 8PM EDT). - Each Mint Ticket provides the ability to purchase up to 2 additional Knight NFTs in a private event, the “Redemption Festival”, exclusive to Mint Ticket holders, prior to the public drop (details below). ## Redeeming Ticket You will have 48 hours to redeem at the Redemption Festival the week of 9/20. We will announce a finalized link and time in our discord.

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