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## SanJay Robots is a generative 10k collection consisting of 8 distinct Robot body types and over 500+ individual traits minted from a verified ERC-721 Ethereum Smart Contract. --- A follow-up to the original, OpenSea Verified, , SanJay Robots are part of an expanding SanJay Universe storyline that will see Humans vs. Robots in an epic struggle for the future of life on Earth. From the Artists, Creators and Community Members of the SanJay & SICKO projects. Each SanJay Robots component has been meticulously hand-drawn, hand-painted, and then scanned for Generative ERC-721 Assembly. --- Visit and read up on our extensive and detailed road map, lore, exciting collaborations, events, features, the history of both the Robots and their SanJay Creators, and how you can mint one yourself!

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