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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on 04/24/2023

What is icy.tools? Can I get an overview?

icy.tools is a NFT tracking and analytics platform. We provide data around the latest floor prices, volume, and sale history on NFTs. You can also see price & volume charts for NFTs.
Not only does icy.tools allows you to discover the latest trending projects being minted, but you can also see transaction history and portfolio value of any wallet. Last but not least, we also offer alerting around the latest mints and wallets that you follow.
Check out this video a user created to get an overview: https://youtu.be/r2Spirx-5hg.

How should I use icy.tools?

Check out the overview one of our users created to get an idea of how they're using it: https://youtu.be/csugE16DHHU. This user created a great tutorial as well: https://youtu.be/5QmelEpGotw.

Where do you get your data from? How do I know it's accurate? How current is it?

We sync our data from the blockchain every 5-10 seconds. Ethereum blocks currently average 13 seconds before confirming transactions, so our data stays very current.
We currently focus on ERC-721 mints/trades and OpenSea sales data (pulled from the blockchain). Depending on the page and your access level (free vs Premium), data is polled from our backend anywhere between 10 seconds (Premium) and 5 minutes (Free).

What chains are currently supported?

Currently, we only support the Ethereum blockchain.

What marketplaces do you support?

We currently support OpenSea and Infinity since they both use the same smart contract. We also support the CryptoPunks exchange. We plan on supporting Rarible, Nifty Gateway, Foundation, and other marketplaces in the future.

Do you have a roadmap? How can I submit a feature request or suggestions?

Yep! It can be found at roadmap.icy.tools. Feel free to upvote any features you'd like to see, or submit any feature requests you might have! This helps the Icy team keep a log of ideas and prioritize features with the most upvotes.

Can I follow collectors, wallets or projects? How?

Yep, you can follow wallets and projects. Simply click the heart icon on the collection or wallet page and they'll appear in your address book or favorited collections.

Is there an API available?

Soon! Reach out to us on via thisform and we'll reach out.

What is only show mints by owner?

Sometimes, projects will execute an airdrop to random wallets. This is typically for marketing purposes or to make it look like a specific wallet minted the NFT when they actually didn't. icy.tools provides the ability to filter these type of mints out and only show mints that were executed by the owner of the wallet.

What is the criteria for a trending collection?

Trending criteria is typically met when a project has done a certain amount of volume and a number of orders have taken place in a specific time window. This is an oversimplification since we do have some filters in place in case projects want to try to game this, but thats basically the gist of it.

Why doesn't the floor price match OpenSea's?

Our floor prices are based on on-chain orders and not the OpenSea API. Floors are based on lowest sales (not listing) within the selected interval. We remove extremes to account for rares and snipes to give more representative floors and averages.

Why can't I find a project?

At the moment, our main support is for ERC-721 contracts. You are likely looking for a non-standard project or a collection that's part of the 'OpeaSea Shared Storefront' contract. We'll add support for breaking out those collections in the future.

I'm having trouble finding a project in the search bar, does it mean its not on icy.tools?

Nope! If you can't find a project via search, you can visit the collection page for it directly by visiting: icy.tools/collections/CONTRACT_ADDRESS_HERE (Replace CONTRACT_ADDRESS_HERE with the project's contract address). Please refer to the question above if its not available.

Can I promote my project on icy.tools?

Nope, we don't do accept promotions for projects on icy.tools. All trending and discover collections are surfaced using on-chain data.

Can I submit a project?

No need, standard ERC-721 projects will be picked up automatically when mints and sales begin.

How to update the links for a project?

Project links are pulled from OpenSea. OpenSea tends to change their links pretty frequently on the initial launch of a contract. You can have the project links sync with OpenSea by clicking 'Missing or incorrect data? Click to queue for refresh.' on the collection page for that project.

How much does icy.tools premium cost?

icy.tools premium costs $35 for 1 month access or $150 for 6 months access.

What features are included in the premium version of icy.tools?

Feel free to take a look at icy.tools for the full list of premium features. Send us a tweet or Discord message if you have any questions!

How do I view wallet activity and portfolio on icy.tools?

You can view your own wallet activity and portfolio by clicking your address at the top right corner. If you'd to see a different wallet, you can add it to your address book and the activity will appear there. You can also click on the wallet and it'll direct you to the wallet/portfolio page. Lastly, you can visit icy.tools/wallets/ADDRESS_OR_ENS_HERE (Replace ADDRESS_OR_ENS_HERE with the wallet address or ENS address)

How do I setup alerts?

You can setup Discord or Telegram alerts by visiting icy.tools/alerts.

I'm having an issue, how can I get in contact from the icy.tools team to help me resolve?

Feel free to send us a DM on Twitter or send us a message in our Discord. We respond pretty quickly!

How long do I have access for?

We offer 1 month & 6 month plans.

Does your crypto subscription automatically charge my Ethereum wallet every 30/180 days?

Due to the nature of crypto payments, we can't automatically charge your wallet when your subscription runs out. You'll need to top up your subscription manually when you lose access to premium. Its recommended that you top up ahead of time so you don't lose access!

Do you accept card payments?

Yes we do! We offer subscriptions via our payment processor Stripe who allows you to pay with card. Please note these payment will be charged month or bi-annually depending on your plan.

Do you offer a free trial?

We don't offer a free trial at this time.

Is my subscription transferable?

Subscriptions are not transferable. Each subscription is assigned to the wallet that paid for it.