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Published on July 1, 2022

How To Use icy.tools

Discover, track, and analyze NFTs with real-time data, historical charts and trends, NFT portfolio values, and more.

14 min read

This guide will show you how to use all the features that icy.tools offers. We'll also teach you how to get the most out of icy.tools by customizing your experience with watchlists, alerts, and other in-depth NFT analytics. Get the competitive edge in your NFT collecting and trading by utilizing our platform to its fullest potential. Let's get started!

Getting Started

icy.tools helps you discover, track, and analyze NFTs with real-time floor and volume data, historical charts and trend data, NFT portfolio values on any wallet, and more. We're currently focused on ERC-721 transactions that happen through OpenSea, LooksRare, Genie, gem.xyz, Nifty Gateway, X2Y2, 0x, and CryptoPunks market contracts, but multi-chain support is coming soon, along with more marketplaces!
To start, you can use the free version icy.tools to see Trending Collections and Discover Collections that are minting now in real-time.
For a deeper dive, review our features below and consider signing up for Premium to unlock the full potential of icy.tools. Premium gives you the market insights and tools to make educated entries and exits—a must-have for anyone getting into the NFT space.
Many of the features listed below are only available to icy.tools premium subscribers. Read more and subscribe here: Get started with icy.tools Premium!

Real-time NFT Insights

We sync our data directly from the blockchain, polling every second for the latest data and surfaces sales and mints in real-time within seconds of block confirmations.

Trending Collections

Our Trending page will keep you up to date with the top-selling collections.

Minting Now

Use the Discover page to see what's minting in real-time — if it's an ERC-721 contract, we'll surface the mints.

Market Insight Watchlists

On the Watch page, you can create lists of up to 20 collections or wallets that you want to track—all updating in real-time. It's like TradingView for NFTs!

Real-time Transaction Feed

Across the site, you'll see easily readable, real-time feeds of mints, orders, and transfers. Build a custom real-time Feed by favoriting collections and wallets you care about.
Everything links to more in-depth data!

Buy, Sell, Mint Alerts

Set up Browser, Discord, Telegram, or Push Notification alerts to follow your favorite wallets with contract-level pricing alerts coming soon!

Collection Analysis

Take your trading to the next level with in-depth historical sales and floor/volume charts, full transaction feeds, token data (with Rarity coming soon), holder breakdowns, and profit leaderboards.

NFT Drop Calendar

See upcoming drops and mints with the icy.tools NFT calendar. Projects go through an application and community filtering process before being listed on our calendar, making it easier for you to find quality collections across the most popular blockchains.

icy.tools Premium

You'll see references to Premium frequently throughout this guide. icy.tools Premium is a monthly subscription starting at $62 per month for a 6-month commitment or $75 per month on a month-to-month plan. We accept payments in ETH and USD.
Crypto subscriptions cannot be automatically charged, so you won't have to worry about getting unwanted charges—just top up when you're ready!
USD subscriptions are handled via Stripe and will auto-renew. If you don't want them to auto-renew, you can cancel your subscription immediately after paying and will maintain access through the end of your paid time.
In addition to pay-as-you-go plans, we have a Founders Club NFT that was created to memorialize our early adopters who purchased Lifetime subscriptions during our Beta period. These NFTs will grant access to all Premium features for as long as you hold them!
Ready to give it a shot? Read more and subscribe here: Get started with icy.tools Premium!

Trending Collections

Real-time trending NFT market insights
Trending will give you real-time NFT market insights into collections as they are selling in real time. There are no restrictions or differences between Free and Premium users on Trending outside of the ability to set the time period you analyze to a lower amount. Premium users can see what’s trending and minting, down to the minute.
The Trending page will update in real-time every time we sync up with the latest confirmed block. Premium users have access to additional analytics that show the most recent market data from 1m, 5m, 15m, and 30m Periods.
Note: The 1-hour Period will still pull in the latest data, it's just aggregated and may not be as useful for making quicker or more educated entries and exits.


  • Floor -> Our floor is slightly different than what you might expect because it's based on sales instead of listings because we pull data from the blockchain where OpenSea listings aren't available. Because of this, floors will appear to lag behind OpenSea listings—however, we think this is still an accurate representation of a floor price that is based on liquidity.
  • Circulating Supply -> This is the current circulating supply we've calculated for a given collection by summing mints and subtracting any NFTs that have been burned.
  • Average -> The average price over the given Period.
  • Volume -> The total volume over the given Period.
  • Sales -> The total number of sales over the given Period.
  • Market Cap -> The floor price multiplied by circulating supply.
  • Minting Now(Discover)

    Discover the latest NFTs minting now
    Discover will be your bread and butter if you want to catch the latest NFT collection drops without relying on public announcements or calendars. Our system monitors the blockchain for all ERC-721 mints and will show you aggregate stats in real-time within seconds of transaction confirmation.
    Information like First mint date, All Time mints, and Unique Minters can help you get a quick understanding of whether or not you may want to Ape into a project! For example, a higher percentage of unique minters typically indicates a healthier community.
    Additionally, Premium users will have access to real-time updates of pending mints for collections. This can be useful for seeing demand.
    Important Note: We remove mints that are sent to a wallet from a different address—this is a common marketing tactic that projects can use to artificially make it look like influencers and whales are minting their project, so we don't count these as true mints.

    Mint Alerts

    With icy.tools Premium you can set up Mint Alerts right in your browser to receive customizable notifications. You can also set alerts for Discord, Telegram, and SMS. Use Mint Alerts to receive notifications every 5 minutes for projects icy tracks that exceed 250 mints in the previous 5 minutes. Never miss a popular mint again.

    Wallets Alerts

    Get alerted via Discord or Telegram when a wallet you follow mints, buys, or sells. Real-time updates on what the whales are doing.
    Here are a few quick demos on how to set up alerts:

    Market Insight Watchlists

    TradingView for NFTs? Yes, please.
    Real-time NFT watchlists with market stats and a real-time feed of orders and mints.
    If you're trying to take your trading to the next level, Watchlists are the perfect second-monitor tool to keep up for tracking collections and wallets that you're interested in—in real-time. Add as many Watchlists as you want with up to 20 addresses in each.
    For collections, Watchlist floors are based on the most recent 25 transactions, with volume and sales numbers based on the selected Period. And for wallets, you'll see Mints, Buys, and Sells for the selected Period.
    Once a Watchlist is built, you'll see a real-time feed of orders and mints. If you want fast access to charts and historical data, simply click on an item in your Watchlist:
    Set up your first Watchlist at https://icy.tools/watch or click Add to Watchlist from any collection page. Here are some popular collections that can get you started:

    Real-time Transaction Feed

    Custom NFT order, mint, and transfer feeds for any collection or wallet.
    You'll find a real-time feed of orders and mints in several places throughout icy.tools, including Collection pages, Watchlists, and a customizable feed is available on the Feed page. Simply click the Heart or Add to Watchlistbutton on any collection page to add it to your Favorites Feed.

    Collection Analysis: Insights & Visualizations

    Historical charts and general insights into collections to help you make informed decisions
    Premium Feature: Most in-depth insights and all charts for collections are Premium only. Read more and subscribe here: Get started with icy.tools Premium!

    Transaction History Chart

    Transaction History and Sales charts update in real-time!
    For a more precise view of sales, you can view a scatter plot of all sales up to 30d ago. Additionally:
  • Clicking a point will take you to the sale on OpenSea
  • Outliers are removed by default for a better view of trends, but you can click the Outliers toggle to view all transactions
  • Top buyers and sellers for the current dataset are colored differently
  • You can click and drag to zoom in to a specific area of the chart (note: this prevents real-time updates from appearing)
  • transaction-history-chart.png
    (Transaction history chart)

    Sales and Volume Chart

    Transaction History and Sales charts update in real-time!
    Average, floor, and volume prices over time for any collection. You can choose between intervals from 1 minute to 1 day and history going back up to a year for more in-depth trend analysis.
    (Average, floor, and volume prices over time)

    Holder Data

    Get a simple breakdown of holders and circulating supply for collections.


    See a profit leaderboard for traders within a specific collection.

    Collection Analysis: Rarities & Token Data

    View token data in context with transaction history and get rarity info for any token
    Free & Premium Feature—Token attributes and metadata are available for anyone to see. Rarity scores and rankings will require a Premium subscription.

    Token Breakdown for ERC-721 Tokens

    We sync all standard ERC-721 contract token metadata as soon as it comes across our system. We can ingest full collections of 10,000 tokens in under 2 minutes. All tokens currently show attribute rarity and we'll be adding collection level rarity rankings in the near future!
    Want to get the jump on a reveal? Ping us in our Discord server and we can re-sync metadata as soon as the reveal happens so you can beat the crowd and potentially snipe rares from OpenSea.
    (View all tokens + attribute rarity, filter by attribute or owner)

    In-context Token Data

    If you see purple Token text on a transaction, you can click it to see more information on the token, including attribute rarity where available.
    Any transaction with purple Token text can be clicked to see a full view.

    Collection Analysis: Transaction History

    Premium Feature: Transaction history requires a Premium subscription. Read more and subscribe here: Get started with icy.tools Premium!
    All collections have a real-time Activity feed for orders, mints, and transfers.

    Wallet Activity

    Detailed NFT transaction history and portfolio summaries for any wallet
    Keep an eye on your favorite wallets, or those belonging to Whales. The Wallet Activity view also allows you to filter by different actions, giving you the best insights into transactions.
    You can view ERC721 mint and order history going back years for any wallet.

    Portfolio Summary

    This feature offers up an intuitive way to visualize the current value of any portfolio—including your own. See real-time quantities and floor values of your NFTs. We also use a cost basis, as recorded on the blockchain, to show key insights like Realized Gross Profit, Unrealized Gross Profit, and Total Gross Profit. These starts will show you who the best traders really are!

    Real-time NFT Insights

    All data is updated in real-time and we check for newly confirmed transactions every second. Always fresh, always icy.
    We built a powerful, fully automated system for indexing ERC-721 NFT transactions (orders, mints, transfers) and relevant data (wallets, ENS, token metadata) to make it easy to view historical data, token provenance, and make the latest NFT market insights easily digestible.

    Blockchain Data

    The bulk of our data comes straight from the blockchain, synced within seconds of new transaction confirmations. We only use OpenSea's API for populating collection metadata so we don't rely on third parties for market data in the case of breaking API changes, downtime, or revoked access.
    As mentioned above, we poll for new block confirmations every second and index any new orders, mints, and transfers that happened for ERC-721 tokens during the new block(s). Additionally, we've backfilled our data back to January 1st, 2020—with plans to backfill earlier when we start providing more API services.
    Syncing full history not only gives us the ability to see both historical and current mint and sales data, but also know the history of any wallet or token which we use for Portfolio-related tracking.

    Real-time Data

    As you've probably seen repeated a dozen times now, we use a combination of pushing and pulling data in real-time as soon as we sync new blocks to keep all the data you see on icy.tools up to date.

    Marketplace Support

    We currently support OpenSea (including Genie & Gem.xyz sweeps), LooksRare, and CryptoPunk marketplaces. We're closely monitoring volume on other marketplaces and can quickly add more support when the market demands it.

    Multi-Chain Support

    We absolutely have plans to add Layer 2 EVM support as well as support for other chains like Solana.👀

    Smart Labels

    Make sense of the blockchain with Smart Labels, enriched using on-chain data so you don't have to.
    Turn the blockchain into actionable insights: icy.tools uses on-chain data to surface Smart Labels on wallets. These labels are enriched using on-chain data so you don't have to spend hours researching online to find the valuable information you need.

    Labels Reference

    🐳 NFT Whale
    An NFT Whale is a wallet that holds over $500k USD in NFTs in their wallet.
    🐋 ETH Whale
    An ETH Whale is a wallet that holds over $1mm USD in Ethereum in their wallet.
    🧑‍🎨 Patron of the Metaverse
    A Patron of the Metaverse is a collector that holds over 1,000 NFTs in their wallet.
    🤑 High ROI Flipper
    A wallet that has generated more than 500 ETH in realized profits.
    Have a suggestion for a label? More labels to come! Have a label you'd like to see us surface? Feel free to submit a feature request on our roadmap!
    Speaking of the icy.tools roadmap, we are always working on new features to improve our tools and provide more value to our users. Keep an eye out, we have lots of exciting features planned.

    Sign in on Mobile

    Premium Feature: Mobile sign-in requires a Premium subscription. Get mint and wallet alerts sent right to your phone via the icy.tools App.

    Step 1:

    Go to icy.tools on your regular desktop browser and ensure your wallet is connected. Once done, click on the drop-down in the upper right, then select Mobile Sign-In.

    Step 2:

    Follow the prompts and generate Icy Auth Code. You'll be asked to sign a transaction via your wallet. You will not be asked to pay anything.
    If you are having issues generating an auth code, ensure you're connected to icy via the same wallet you bought Premium with and are connected to Ethereum mainnet.

    Step 3:

    You may now use that code with any device without access to your wallet extension or our mobile app.
    To sign in on a mobile browser, click the phone icon in the upper right next to the Connect Wallet button.
    The iOS app will prompt you upon opening for a sign-in code.
    Do not share mobile sign-in codes with anyone else. They are for personal use only. You could get locked out of the mobile App if someone else uses your code.

    Want more NFT insights?

    Unlock real time charts, price alerts, tracking and more with Icy Premium!