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Published on January 11, 2023

Top NFT Galleries For Viewing Digital Art

The best NFT galleries for immersive virtual experiences, hosting events, exhibitions, and viewing digital art.

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In web3, one of the best ways to view digital art is within NFT art galleries. But what exactly is an NFT art gallery?
Traditionally, art galleries date back to the 18th century, when they first emerged as a space for exhibiting and selling artworks. The concept has evolved, but the basic idea of an art gallery has always been to provide a space for artists to showcase their works and for collectors to discover and purchase new items. As modern art transitions into the digital realm of NFTs, it is natural that galleries follow suit. However, because NFTs exist in digital format, the conventional art gallery model is forced to evolve. This article will cover the top NFT art galleries for viewing digital art and how they are reshaping the art gallery industry.

What Is An NFT Gallery?

An NFT gallery is a website or online platform that allows users to browse, view, and purchase NFTs. These galleries typically feature a wide range of NFTs, including digital art, collectibles, and other types of digital assets. Some NFT galleries also offer features such as auctions, where users can bid on NFTs, or marketplaces, where users can buy and sell NFTs directly with one another. NFT galleries often focus on a specific type of NFT, such as art or collectibles, and may feature work from a particular artist or group of artists. Many NFT galleries also offer resources and tools for artists and collectors to learn about the NFT market and how to create and sell their own NFTs.

Best NFT Galleries For Viewing Digital Art



Oncyber is a "multiverse for creators" where artists and collectors can display their digital artwork in fully immersive virtual NFT art galleries. Its easy-to-use user interface makes it simple to connect your crypto wallet, import your NFTs, and craft a personalized virtual gallery. Additionally, Oncyber is fantastic for visiting the 3D/VR experiences of other emerging digital artists. The NFT art galleries developed on Oncyber are wildly creative utopias for NFT enthusiasts that cannot wait to plunge into the metaverse.


Spatial is a metaverse platform that allows creators to build their own virtual space, organize events, build tight-knit communities, and drive sales to their creative works. Within Spatial, 3D/Vr NFT galleries can be developed to display art (NFTs or non-NFTs). Simply log in to Spatial, import your digital artworks, and curate your virtual gallery. Instead of manually positioning the artwork on the gallery wall, Spatial's auto-gallery setup feature will automatically place them for you. Spatial is great for hosting NFT exhibitions, meetups, and live events for free.


imnotArt is a digital and physical art gallery that brings NFTs to life in a way unlike anyone else. As physical and digital pioneers, imnotArt built its first NFT art gallery in the virtual metaverse of Voxels. As an extension of their popular virtual gallery, imnotArt launched the first brick-and-mortar NFT art gallery in Chicago. Now, imnotArt focuses on developing curated drops with notable NFT artists like Autograf, hosting physical and digital NFT exhibitions open to the public, and hosting private web3 events. For example, imnotArt's Chicago location hosted a private community event for Bored Ape Yacht Club members. This unique concept caters to the audience that prefers a hybrid of digital and in-person galleries.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains helps bridge the gap between web2 and web3 by assisting people and businesses in registering a web3 domain using blockchain technology. Web3 domains simplify the crypto experience by serving as your online digital identity for everything from your crypto wallet address to your social media handle to your email address. In addition to being your web3 digital identity, your Unstoppable Domain profile can showcase your on-chain verified NFTs within the Token Gallery feature. This cross-chain Token Gallery can display NFTs and tokens that range from Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and more. Unlike the other NFT galleries in this article, Unstoppable Domains is developing a platform that closely resembles Instagram for cross-chain digital assets.


Decentraland is an Ethereum-based 3D virtual world platform where users can explore, build, invest in metaverse properties, interact with other users, and more. One aspect of this tremendous virtual space is the ability to develop NFT exhibitions displaying digital art. This allows brands and NFT enthusiasts to develop a virtual art gallery within a virtual world (metaverse) that thousands of users are already exploring. One notable NFT gallery within Decentraland is Sotheby's virtual gallery. Sotheby's is one of the world's largest and most trusted brokers of fine art. In one of their initial forays into web3, Sotheby's created a replica of their iconic New Bond Street gallery within Decentraland's Voltaire art district.


Voxels is an Ethereum-based 3D virtual world platform where users - like Decentraland - can buy land, create avatars, and socialize with other users. Of all the metaverse platforms, Voxels may be the easiest to get started with as a beginner. You can enter a Voxels virtual world with one simple click, and the graphics are reminiscent of a basic Minecraft UI/UX. Due to its ease of use, Voxels is home to some of the earliest and most notable NFT art installations; for example, the B.20 Monument on 39 Hook Street. This digital art piece is part of the B.20 bundle that encompasses Beeple's iconic 1/1 Everydays. It includes far-reaching monuments developed by Voxel Architects on prime real estate across the Voxels metaverse.


OpenSea is the world's largest non-fungible token marketplace where users can mint, buy, and sell NFTs. It is home to over $20B in NFT trading volume and 80M+ NFTs. OpenSea, for many, serves as the global on-ramp for purchasing and selling NFTs. Its simple UI and an enormous array of NFT collections make it the go-to marketplace for NFT beginners. Although OpenSea is not necessarily an "NFT gallery," it de facto serves as an NFT gallery for most. For example, if you'd like to see which NFTs are owned by Garyvee, Logan Paul, or Snoop Dogg, most people will search for their public NFT wallet in OpenSea and view their collections. Due to the sheer network effects of OpenSea, it can serve as a quick and easy NFT art gallery for those perusing the platform.

How To Create An NFT Gallery

There are several steps involved in creating an NFT gallery:
  1. Choose a platform: There are several different platforms that you can use to create an NFT gallery, including dedicated NFT marketplaces and blockchain-based art platforms. Based on what medium and feature set you prefer, you can opt for one of the platforms on this list, such as Oncyber, Spatial, or Voxels.
  2. Set up your account: Sign up for an account on the platform you have chosen. You may need to provide some personal and financial information in order to set up your account.
  3. Create your listings: Use the platform's tools to create listings for the NFTs you want to sell. You will need to provide information about the NFT, such as a description and price, as well as an image or other media to represent it.
  4. Promote your gallery: Once you have set up your NFT gallery and created your listings, you can start promoting your gallery to attract buyers. This can include sharing links to your gallery on social media, reaching out to collectors and art enthusiasts, and participating in online art communities and forums.
  5. Manage sales and transactions: When someone makes a purchase from your NFT gallery, you will need to handle the transaction and transfer the NFT to the buyer. The platform you are using should have tools and resources to help you manage this process.
Creating an NFT gallery can be a complex process, and there are many factors to consider when choosing a platform, creating listings, and managing sales. It can be helpful to research the NFT market and familiarize yourself with the tools and resources available to help you create and run a successful NFT gallery.

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