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NFT Market Overview

Access powerful global NFT marketplace data and analytics.

Last updated: 9/29/2023, 2:43:55 AM

Market Trends

Track NFT market trends and market drivers across the Ethereum blockchain.

Market Size

In-depth metrics on overall market size, volume, and growth segmented by marketplace.

NFT Volume

Global NFT transactions over a given time period.

Exchange Trades

Transactions made — segmented by NFT marketplace.

NFT Mints

Total Ethereum NFTs minted over a given time period.

Unique Minters

The number of unique wallets minting NFTs over a given time period.

User Activity

Understand and analyze the behavior of top NFT traders.

Marketplace Volume Share

NFT market share for OpenSea and other marketplaces.

Unique Buyers By Exchange

The number of unique wallets making NFT marketplace transactions.

Average Gas Price in Gwei

The average gas fee of transactions in Gwei.

Top Gas-Guzzling Contracts

See which Ethereum smart contracts are driving the most volume.


Avg gas price

txn fee in eth

Most Profitable Flippers With ENS

Track the most successful NFT traders by Ethereum Name Service username.






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