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Icy Lite

Use our free tools to track trending and minting NFT collections across marketplaces.

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Browse real-time NFT sales from top marketplaces on Trending

See what's minting in real-time with Discover

View 24 hour stats on all collections

Icy Premium

Get access to charts, watchlists, favorites and firehose feeds, custom alerts, and more.

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Everything in Icy Lite and...

Trending and Discover intervals down to the minute

Unlock wallet and collection alerts, custom watchlists, and real-time activity feeds

View historical sales and mint data and trends for any NFT collection


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Icy Lite

Icy Premium


Mint alerts - don't miss out!

Collection alerts for floor price changes

Wallet alerts for all transaction types


Trending collections

Minting collections

Collection and wallet feeds

Real-time, customizable firehose feed

Add favorites to build your own feed

CSV exports


Collection sales history charts

Collection sales floor price, average price, and volume charts

Mints over time and mints per wallet charts

Holders over time and holder distribution charts


Create custom collection and wallet watchlists

Export your custom watchlists


View rarity rankings with OpenRarity

Smart Labels on wallets

See what the top holders are holding

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