Graph API vs Blur

What makes a great Blur alternative

If you plan to trade or collect NFTs, it's important to have the right tools and every advantage possible. Using a dedicated NFT aggregator or rarity tool can be helpful for specific trading use cases, but if you're looking for real-time analytics and in-depth analysis across multiple NFT marketplaces, you might need a more comprehensive solution.
A platform like Blur can be beneficial if you only need the bare minimum for NFT analytics, and prefer a simple NFT marketplace and aggregator. However, if you're trying to spot trends, and get a competitive advantage on an NFT mint or trade, you might find that Blur falls a bit short for these specific needs. comes packed with features like real-time feeds, charts, custom watchlists, and alerts — perfect for catching mints and the latest NFT trends. These features make a popular choice among professional NFT traders because of the competitive advantage icy gives them to make smart and profitable trades.

How do and Blur compare?

Since Blur is primarily an NFT aggregator, there are many more differences than similarities between and Blur. recently introduced OpenRarity to its platform, which is a completely objective rarity ranking protocol created by and industry leaders like OpenSea, PROOF, and Curio. In addition to rarity rankings for OpenRarity-supported collections, offers live charts and feeds featuring trending NFT collections, minting NFT collections, wallets, sales, and a customizable firehose feed. NFT traders can also set up custom alerts for mints, wallets, and collections they want to track.
Blur uses it's own rarity ranking system and offers a very basic sales and depth chart for NFT collections to complement the listing feeds. The primary benefit of using Blur is the aggregator function that allows you to see listings from several marketplaces and make purchases.

Compare features



Mint alerts - don't miss out!

Collection alerts for floor price changes

Wallet alerts for all transaction types


Trending collections

Minting collections

Collection feeds

Real-time, customizable firehose feed

Add favorites to build your own feed

CSV exports


Collection sales history charts

Collection sales floor price, average price, and volume charts

Mints over time and mints per wallet charts

Holders over time and holder distribution charts


Create custom collection and wallet watchlists

Export your custom watchlists


View rarity rankings with OpenRarity

Smart Labels on wallets

See what the top holders are holding

Profit Leaderboard

Which is the best rarity tool for NFT traders?

As mentioned above, Blur is an effective tool if you are looking for an NFT aggregator with an easy-to-use interface. If you are looking for a tool that can provide in-depth analysis for NFT collections, set numerous typoes of alerts, track sweeps, and create custom watchlists, then you're probably looking for a solution more like gets its data in real-time directly from the blockchain, so the information on the site is objective and independently verifiable, including rarity rankings from OpenRarity. This means that traders can trust the information they see on In addition, the platform offers in-depth insights that are immediately available during mint or collection events, giving traders access to the most comprehensive information possible.


If you want to gain a competitive edge when trading, it's important to use the tools that offer the most features and insights. This will help you make informed decisions and potentially increase your chances of success. gives traders, of any experience level, the best all-in-one NFT analytics toolkit.

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