Graph API vs Rarity Sniper

What makes a great Rarity Sniper alternative

As an NFT trader, you want to make sure you have every advantage at your disposal. Rarity Sniper is a valuable tool for discovering NFTs with unique or rare characteristics within a collection. However, it's important to be aware that the rarity rankings and scores provided by platforms like Rarity Sniper may not always be reliable. This is especially true if they are not using a protocol like OpenRarity, which ensures objective and accurate rarity rankings.
In contrast, offers a more comprehensive approach to NFT trading. provides real-time feeds, charts, watchlists, and alerts, as well as the OpenRarity protocol for objective rarity rankings. Professional NFT traders often rely on for its extensive information and customization options.

How do and Rarity Sniper compare?

When comparing to Rarity Sniper, you'll find many more differences than similarities.
While Rarity Sniper primarily focuses on rarity rankings, offers a range of features such as live charts, trending collections, and the ability to set up custom alerts. also support OpenRarity — a fully objective and transparent rarity ranking protocol created by and web3 leaders like OpenSea, PROOF, and Curio.
Rarity Sniper does offer some very basic charts for NFT floor prices and volume, but not much beyond that. Additionally, not all NFT collections are featured on Rarity Sniper, as projects must pay to be listed. In contrast, provides a more inclusive and comprehensive view of the NFT market.

Compare features

Rarity Sniper


Mint alerts - don't miss out!

Collection alerts for floor price changes

Wallet alerts for all transaction types


Trending collections

Minting collections

Collection feeds

Real-time, customizable firehose feed

Add favorites to build your own feed

CSV exports


Collection sales history charts

Collection sales floor price, average price, and volume charts

Mints over time and mints per wallet charts

Holders over time and holder distribution charts


Create custom collection and wallet watchlists

Export your custom watchlists


View rarity rankings with OpenRarity

Smart Labels on wallets

See what the top holders are holding

Profit Leaderboard

Which is the best rarity tool for NFT traders?

Rarity Sniper is a popular tool among NFT traders. However, it's important to note that for rarity rankings to be accurate and reliable, all buyers and sellers in a particular NFT collection must be using the same tool. If different traders are using different platforms, there is no guarantee that rarity rankings will be consistent.
On the other hand, provides real-time data directly from the blockchain, ensuring that all information is objective and independently verifiable, including rarity rankings from OpenRarity. In addition, offers a comprehensive NFT toolkit of live charts, alerts, and in-depth analytics for traders of all levels.


If you want to maximize your chances of success in NFT trading, it's recommended to use a tool that offers accurate, verifiable data — and a range of features and insights. gives NFT traders and collectors the most complete toolkit when it comes to understanding market movements and trends.

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