Graph API vs Trait Sniper

What makes a great Trait Sniper alternative

Whether you're a seasoned NFT trader or new to collecting, you want to ensure that you are prepared to make the best trading decisions possible with the top NFT analytics tools. Trait Sniper can be beneficial for specific use cases — i.e., identifying rarity within an NFT project.
However, using a tool with its own proprietary rarity ranking system does come with certain risks. Platforms like Trait Sniper and other rarity tools can be very subject and vary significantly between each other. Unfortunately, many NFT traders have experienced losses when trying to trade on rarity alone. offers an alternative to trading just on NFT rarity — a more in-depth look at collections with real-time feeds, charts, watchlists, and alerts. Professional NFT traders like having as much information as possible when trading NFTs; that's why they use

How do and Trait Sniper compare?

Since Trait Sniper is primarily a rarity rankings platform, there are many more differences than similarities between and Trait Sniper. It should also be noted that does offer an alternative to subjective rarity rankings. We recently introduced OpenRarity — a completely objective rarity ranking protocol created by and industry leaders like OpenSea, PROOF, and Curio.
In addition to rarity rankings for OpenRarity-supported collections, also provides real-time charts and feeds featuring trending NFT collections, minting NFT collections, wallets, sales, and a fully customizable firehose feed. With, traders also can set up custom alerts for mints, wallets, and collections.
Trait Sniper doesn't offer charts or live feeds outside of rarity rankings. It's also important to note that only paid users can see the latest rarity scores for new collections on Trait Sniper.

Compare features

Trait Sniper


Mint alerts - don't miss out!

Collection alerts for floor price changes

Wallet alerts for all transaction types


Trending collections

Minting collections

Collection feeds

Real-time, customizable firehose feed

Add favorites to build your own feed

CSV exports


Collection sales history charts

Collection sales floor price, average price, and volume charts

Mints over time and mints per wallet charts

Holders over time and holder distribution charts


Create custom collection and wallet watchlists

Export your custom watchlists


View rarity rankings with OpenRarity

Smart Labels on wallets

See what the top holders are holding

Profit Leaderboard

Which is the best rarity tool for NFT traders?

Trait Sniper is effective for a few specific use cases, but it is only fully effective if all buyers and sellers of a particular NFT collection use it for rarity rankings. If different traders use different platforms, there is no guarantee that the rarity rankings will align between the platforms, which introduces risks to trading NFTs based on a singular, non-verifiable rarity tool.
In contrast, gets its data in real-time directly from the blockchain — including rarity rankings from OpenRarity — making everything you see on the site objective and independently verifiable. Additionally, offers the most in-depth insights possible during mint or collection events.


If you want to have an edge when trading, it is important to use tools that offer a wide range of features and insights. provides traders with the ultimate NFT analytics toolkit, regardless of their level of experience.

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